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The Yamaha 650 Society is an independent organization dedicated to enhancing the motorcycling enjoyment of our members. The Yamaha 650 Society has no connection with the Yamaha Motor Corporation. The Yamaha 650 Society Logo, Yamaha 650 News and its contents are the exclusive property of the Yamaha 650 Society and may not be reproduced in any form or used for any purpose without express written permission from the Director.The Yamaha 650 Society News may contain paid commercial ads and free classified ads. The Society does not endorse the content of any ad.Be sure that you are satisfied with the offered items prior to purchase. The Yamaha 650 Society believes information it presents is accurate. In applying recommendations, performing mechanical work, or attending Society events, exercise care and normal precautions to prevent personal injury or damage to property or facilities. Professional opinions and/or professional mechanical service for items of mechanical, functional and rider craft nature should be sought prior to implementing any change to equipment, motorcycle or riding style. Society is not responsible for personal injury or damages which may occur when working with methods, materials or recommendations presented herein, or with any association with the Yamaha 650 Society.

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Snail Mail:
Yamaha 650 Society – 17508 Drake Ct, FL 33559 – USA

A truly work of art

A truly work of art

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