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A lot of members have asked me to assemble a XS650 parts buying guide and make it a permanent section of the newsletter. I thought it was a good idea so, here it is with a few comments from personal & popular experience. All of them are online business so you might need either call them or ask a friend for help if you don’t have a computer. The order in which they appear here doesn’t imply importance or preference.

MikesXS – online only.
Always a great source of XS650 parts with an amazing inventory ranging from engine to electrical and accessories. There has been a huge improvement in customer service and parts quality since the new owners took the reins of the business and master XS650 restorer Norton Muzzone will make sure that your questions are promptly answered. By far, they are the fastest shippers I know.

Partzilla – (877) 473-4595 – online and phone
With a great inventory of OEM parts, I often look there first before searching somewhere else.

650 Central – (209) 533-4346 – phone orders only
Owned and operated by Michael Morse, 650 Central is loaded with hi-performance goodies, reflecting his long involvement in road racing. It might be a bit difficult to get through (busy signal!) but your persistence will be rewarded with personable and friendly service.

Speed and Sport – (866)455-6831 – online and phone
Based in Bloomsburg, PA, Speed & Sport also carry a good inventory of OEM parts. A quick check on clutch parts for 1978 XS650E shows that, aside from the baskets and hubs, they have everything else in stock.

JBM Industries – – – email orders only
Looking for carb boots and diaphragms? Look no further than JBM Industries, makers of fine durable rubber products. Make sure to read all the measurement instructions before ordering.

CMSNL – online ordering only
Based in the Netherlands, carries a large inventory of OEM parts for all brands and countries.

Gasket King
Gasket King produces OEM and custom gaskets. I’ve used them a couple of times. Good stuff.

Athena Gaskets
Manufacturer of high-quality gaskets for almost all motorcycles out there. If I need a gasket set, that’s where I go.

eBay – online only
The traditional source for used parts. There’s a lot of stuff there but be careful with what you buy – lots of Chinese knock offs – and don’t be shy to ask the seller for more photos.

CMR Racing Products – – email, phone, Facebook. – 613-967-8112
Builder of the famous Drixton frames for XS650 engines.

Did I miss something? Call, write or post!

Model Reference

Model Code Serial Number Year Color(s)
XS1 256 S650-000101 1970 Candy Green
XS1B 256 S650-007101 1971 Candy Orange
XS2 306 S650-100101 1972 Brilliant Red
TX650 366 S650-200101 1973 Metallic Flake Blue
TX650A 447 447-000101 1974 Cinnamon Brown
XS650B 533 447-100101 1975 Star Black
XS650C 584 447-200101 1976 French Blue
XS650D 1T3 447-700101 1977 Maxi Maroon, Bountiful Blue
XS650E 2F0 2F0-000101 1978 Star Black, Spruce Metallic Green
XS650SE 2M0 2F0-100101 1978 Vintage Burgundy, New Midnight Black
XS650F 2F0 2F0-150101 1979 Cobalt Blue
XS650SF 2M0 2F0-250101 1979 Carmine Red, Black Gold
XS650-2F 3N0 4F0-250101 1979 New Yamaha Black
XS650G 3G0 3G0-000101 1980 Black Gold
XS650SG 3G1 2F0-200101 1980 Cardinal Red, New Yamaha Black
XS650H 4N9 4N9-000101 1981 Indigo Blue, New Ruby Red
XS650SH 4M4 4M4-000101 1981 New Yamaha Black, Frost Silver
XS650SJ 5V4 5V4-000101 1982 New Yamaha Black
XS650SK 5V4 5V4-100101 1983 New Yamaha Black, New Ruby Red

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