Monthly Archives: June 2015

How Would You Like It to Be?

While raising my two kids I asked them, on a few occasions, the very same question, especially during their teenage years. It was my way of guiding them through their choices in life, giving them perspective and a glimpse of the consequences for the options they made. It worked beautifully as they are both fantastic human beings and well set in their life and careers.

Now I ask the same question to our members: How would you like our Society to be? Just a club where a handful of guys hang out 3 times a year doing the same old thing, or a true club that promotes a unique motorcycle icon like Jim envisioned almost 40 years ago?

Rally participation is down and virtual interaction, aside from our Facebook page, is virtually nil despite our continuous requests for photos and riding stories to contribute to the newsletter. Is everybody really that busy? You don’t like the locations of the rallies? Tell us!

One of the Society’s main mission is to connect 650 owners all over the world and we can do this by serving as a medium for this international free flow of ideas, experiences, and thoughts. Think of us being a members-only, paper-based Internet. Have a technical problem? Email or snail mail it to us! Either our tech guru Dick Russell or somebody in…err… Finland will have an answer/suggestion for you. Got a crazy riding story from back in the day? We’d love to publish it!

We are, arguably, one of the oldest motorcycle model enthusiast club in the world and, if you want it to survive for more generations to come, we’ll need your help to promote it and – most importantly – recruit new members. That includes the younger riders who are excited about their 650-based choppers, bobbers, and trackers despite your opinions about their chop, cut & rebuild creations. I often park my restored 75 next to them at local bike shows and they all get excited to see an original one. I may not agree with their creations but I do appreciate the craftsmanship and effort they put in their build.

I don’t want to sound all negative here. Membership is up and we are sound financially. The only thing missing is YOU.