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Announcing the 2015 Ozarks Rally

The first edition of this annual event will take place at the heart of the Ozarks National Forest between April 9th and 11th and headquartered at the Ozark Folk Center in Mountain View, AR which features cozy bungalows with two cabins each. The Society has blocked a set of cabins and I am currently working on riding routes. I can tell you with certainty that one of them will involve lunch at the Ozarks Café in Jasper but I am open for suggestions so please send me your recommendations and favorite places ( and roads. Book your rooms, tell your friends, and follow Dick Russell’s excellent suspension setup tips. You will need it!

SONY DSCThe Ozarks Cafe – Jasper, AR

IMG00183-20101006-1410For more information about the Ozark Folk Center and the Cabins, visit the Cente’s website, call 870-269-3851 or by e-mail at