Ride – The Brasstown Bald Loop – North Georgia. 77 miles

This is one of my favorite routes around the Smoky Mountains. Since I like to stay in Helen, GA the route is a loop that starts and ends there. Easy to do as all roads around this little German-style town are fantastic, most featuring long sweepers that agree with our long wheel bases and low hung engines. The ride starts by leaving Helen, going north on GA Hay 75/17, turning left on 75A. A few miles later, make a right on the Richard B Russell Scenic Highway (GA348) for 14 miles of riding nirvana.

HelenRideIncluded in the National Scenic Byway registry, the RBRSH crosses the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest offering breathtaking views of the Appalachian Mountains. Make sure to stop at one of the overlooks so that 750, re-phased beast can breathe some fresh air.

Make a right at the end of Hwy 348 going east on GA180. That’s a relaxed 60+ mph road that is full of colors especially around October.

While traveling through Hwy 180, keep an eye on the entrance of the Brasstown Bald Visitors Center. Brasstown Bald is the highest natural point in Georgia, going up some 4700 feet above sea level. The 180 Spur (on your left) will take you up to the main parking lot where you can check out the history of the Bald and go up the Observation Tower for fantastic views of downtown Atlanta on a clear day.

At the end of Hwy 180, make a left on Hwy 75 (turning right will take you back to Helen quicker), going north towards Hiawassee. Turn right on US 76/GA 2 looping around as the road takes you back south. Turn right on Hwy 197 and be prepared to scuff those knee pucks as this is a wild ride through Moccasin Creek State Park. After this little “track day” adventure, turn right on Hwy 356 which will take you back to Hwy 75 just a few miles north of Helen. Boiled peanuts from the little vegetable stand at the corner of 356 and 75 are the best I have ever had so grab a couple pounds. They will go perfectly with that 6-pack you have waiting at the hotel.

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