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The Handbuilt Motorcycle Show – Austin, TX

While attending the MotoGP races in Austin, TX this past April, I attended the Handbuilt Motorcycle Show in a art gallery-like ambiance in a warehouse located on the east side of downtown. There were stunning creations in the exhibit being the 650 motor the most popular propeller of choice.  Keep in mind that most of those pieces of art will never see asphalt and have being built to showcase the builder’s vision of a motorcycle. Enjoy the show!

IMAG0104The craftsmanship was simple stunning requiring you to stare at each piece for hours to digest each weld and fabrication. Continue reading

2014 Land Between the Lakes Rally Preview

May is here and we are looking forward to the 32nd edition to the Land-Between-the-Lakes Rally (May 16th – 17th). I had the opportunity to stay at the Rally headquarters, Patti’s Inn & Suites right after Christmas last year and I was very pleased with the service and the facilities. What a nice little place! The room was cozy, ultra clean and nicely decorated. The staff went out of their way to make our stay as pleasant as possible which is rare nowadays. We are looking forward seeing you all there!

Patti’s Inn and Suites

As recommended by many Society members, we headed to the Patti’s Settlement in Grand Rivers (which is just a few miles down the road) for a pork chop dinner and we weren’t disappointed. You can find pork chops in many restaurants but the seasoning and sauce there are just spellbinding. Good thing Grand Rivers is a nice little place to walk around and digest the feast. Otherwise, bring the rear shock pre-load adjusting tool. You will need it!

Friday, May 17th:

6:30 am – Free breakfast.
8:00 am – Registration begins. $5 per person.
9:45 am – Early Birds gather on the parking lot for a group ride.
Noon – Lunch at Patti’s 1880’s Restaurant in Grand Rivers.
2:00 pm – Self guided tours.
5:00 pm – Dinner on your own.
7:00 pm – Bench racing, bull sessions, parking lot Show-and-Tell until we fade.

Saturday, May 18th:

6:30 am – Free breakfast.
7:30 am – Registration in Room # 109. $5 per person.
9:00 am – XS 650 Bike Show line-up and photos. Show Manager: Lee Waddington.
9:20 am – Bike Show Judging by vote of attendees.
10:00 am – Mandatory Rider meeting (all riders) in South Lot. Ride Leader: Steve McIver.
10:45 am – Group ride to Lake Barkley Resort for buffet lunch (you will need a full tank).
1:30 pm – Self Guided Touring for the afternoon.
6:00 pm – Awards Dinner at MISS SCARLETT’S restaurant (1 block south). You can walk, but we recommend you ride. Steaks are from Nebraska! Note: Award winners not attending the banquet will not receive any award. Awards Dinner Host: Ken Maxwell.
8:00 pm – Parking Lot Show and Tell, Ride Review, Bragging, Lies.

Sunday, May 19th:
7:30 am – Group breakfast at the Inn. Then good-bye until next year!


From Patti’s Inn & Suites, go south on Hwy 453 (The Trace) to Golden Pond at Hwy 68. Then go east on Hwy 68 crossing Lake Barkley. Watch for Hwy 1489 on your left. Follow Hwy1489 north to Lake Barkley State Resort Park. Great food! (Group Ride)


Route to Lake Barkley State Resort

Route to Lake Barkley State Resort

Online version of the Grand Rivers Visitors Guide here. For more information check out the Event Calendar page.